Lindy Snider’s Medical Marijuana Company Raises $7M

snider health
Snider Health, the medical marijuana company founded by the two children and grandchild of Flyers’ founder Ed Snider has raised $7 million from investors.

Snider Health, the medical marijuana company co-founded by Lindy Snider, CEO of Montgomery County’s Lindi Skin, has successfully raised $7 million from private investors to kick-start its entry into this growing industry, writes John George for Philadelphia Business Journal.

Lindy Snider, daughter of Flyers founder and chairman, Ed Snider, founded the company with her brother, David. He is the founder and CEO of California based Unit Solutions, along with his son Jamie.

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According to Lindy, the funds mostly came from friends and business associates. They were already familiar with Snider’s interest in getting involved in the state’s medical marijuana industry.

“People approached us very early on and expressed an interest in what we were doing,” said Lindy. “It wasn’t difficult to raise the money. If anything, we had to turn people away.”

Snider Health has already submitted applications for a grower/processor and dispensary permits. The company also recently presented plans to Philadelphia’s Parkwood Civic Association for a facility on McNulty Road to grow and process medical marijuana.

“Because the state wants businesses up and running six months after the licenses are awarded, you have to spend resources now to get ready,” said Lindy.

Read more about the company at Philadelphia Business Journal by clicking here.

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