Fort Washington’s Timoney Knox Law Firm a Leader in Students’ Rights


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Attorneys at Fort Washington’s Timoney Knox law firm are working hard on promoting students’ rights as they help students and parents find solutions to issues not easily solved with a parent-teacher conference, writes Pete Croatto for Suburban Life.

The number of families that turn to Timoney Knox’s Education Law Group for help is continuously growing, according to Scott Wolpert, head of the firm’s Education Law Group.

“We are meeting with or on the phone with parents every day to help them work through the issues involving their child’s education and to effectively advocate for their child,” he said.

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The Education Law Group firmly believes in its mission to ensure that parents and children are provided exemplary legal services in securing suitable educational programs for children with disabilities.

The group is also focused on ensuring that the rights of all students in school are protected.

To implement this mission, Wolpert and his colleagues aim to provide effective, responsive, and aggressive advocacy for the families their represent.

To further this, Wolpert often travels throughout Pennsylvania, speaking on issues relating to special education and the protection of rights of all students in schools.

Read more about the firm’s mission at Suburban Life by clicking here.

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