Erdenheim Singer Meghan Cary Found Solace in Songwriting after Personal Tragedy

Erdenheim Singer Meghan Cary, once Billboard magazine’s Critic’s Choice for Best Newcomer, found solace in singing and songwriting after her fiancé’s death. (Image via

Erdenheim Singer, Meghan Cary, once named Billboard magazine’s Critic’s Choice for Best Newcomer, did not set out with a singing and songwriting career in mind, writes Chris Kocher for Press Connects.

Cary originally enrolled at Duke University to become a doctor, but she found that performing was her true passion. During one of her performances she met her fiancé. His untimely death led her to pick up a guitar to cope with the grief.

“When he passed away, it changed everything in my life, but I didn’t want to lose music,” said Cary. “I decided I would keep making music, but I didn’t know any songs all the way through.”

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Instead of giving up, she decided to start writing songs of her own. At first, they were only for friends and family, but soon led to her debut album, “New Shoes.”

Carey issued her last album “Sing Louder,” two years ago and she has a new record coming out later this year. She is also working on a musical called “The Accidental Caterer.”

“I discovered pretty quickly,” she said, “that the thing I love the most about the whole music-making process was getting up with people and sharing the music with them.”

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