Creators of ‘The Goldbergs’ Discuss Episode Directed by Kevin Smith

Stars and executive producers of ‘The Goldbergs,’ which is set in Jenkintown, recently talked about the episode directed by Kevin Smith.

Executive producers and stars of the hit show “The Goldbergs,” which is set in Jenkintown, took the opportunity during a recent WonderCon panel to talk about the show and the latest episode directed by Kevin Smith, writes Matt Grobar for Deadline.

During the episode, geeky Adam and his grandfather have a difference of opinion after seeing the 1989 Batman film. Smith, who was also a part of the panel as a moderator, gave all the credit for the effortless job he has had as director to the cast of the show.

The show’s producers Goldberg and Doug Robinson, however, were quick to identify and emphasize the influence Smith’s early work had on their careers.

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“I went to NYU, and at that point, it was 1995, and everyone wanted to be Tarantino,” said Goldberg. “I went and saw Clerks, and that was a game changer for me because I’m like, ‘Oh. There’s a guy for me that does things I want to do.’”

During the half hour long panel, the series creator also revealed some of the things he would love to get into future episodes, such as one using the music of Prince.

Read the entire interview at Deadline by clicking here.

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