Huntingdon Valley Startup Aims to Turn Sports Fan Rage into Lucrative Business

Frustrated Philly Fans Jeff Phillips, Dan Bagelle and Tim Wozniak. Their Huntingdon Valley startup is attempting to cash in on the legendary rage of sports fans with the help of its SportsVenting mobile application. (Image via

Everybody knows that the rage of a sports fan after losing a tight game can rarely be matched. Now a Huntington Valley startup is trying to turn this fury into a lucrative business opportunity, writes Diane Mastrull for

Dan Bagelle, Jeff Phillips, and Tim Wozniak have launched the SportsVenting mobile app for Android. The app focuses on fans’ frustrations by allowing them to post pictures and videos of themselves in full meltdown during or after a game.

The app, “Blow Off Some Steam,” also allows users to share their dyspeptic posts on a number of social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Now the founders are now attempting to raise $30,000 through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to offer an iPhone version of the app.

With the goal of becoming a nationwide brand with a radio show on Sirius XM over the next five years, the start-up is also looking at well-known seed investors. These include Mark Cuban, star of Shark Tank and owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.

“He would be the perfect guy,” said Phillips. “He gets fined all the time for venting and criticizing the refs.”

Read more about the future app at by clicking here.

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