Gwynedd Mercy Basketball Star has Heart of Gold

Gwynedd Mercy star Cedric Elleby has formed a special bond with coach John Baron’s son, helping the young man deal with his mother’s recent death. (Image Via

Gwynedd Mercy basketball star Cedric Elleby continues to impress on and off the field, showing not only his incredible talent for the game, but a huge and compassionate heart, writes Mike Kern for

The young man was named the Sam Cozen Player of the Week last Tuesday. He achieved this honor under the tutelage of coach John Baron, whose son he befriended while helping him deal with the death of his mother from pancreatic cancer.

Elleby, who lost his own mother when he was six to tuberculosis, realized he had some words of wisdom he could share with the twelve-year-old J.P. After getting permission from the boy’s father, he called J.P. to tell him about his own loss and how he coped.

“I told J.P. I could be his big brother off the court,” said Elleby.

This compassion has not gone unnoticed by coach Baron, who is involved with the Breathing Room Foundation. This helps families that have loved ones who are battling cancer.

“It’s why I think we coach,” he enthused. “You want to win games. But I’ve had 50-some kids graduate. And I stay in touch with all of them.”

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