Agnes Irwin Teams Up with Franklin Institute to Bring More Girls into STEM

Agnes Irwin Scho

In an effort to bring more girls closer to considering academic majors or careers in STEM fields, the all-girl Agnes Irwin School in Bryn Mawr has teamed up with the Franklin Institute to host the third annual “Sharing Solutions: Advancing Girls in STEM” conference, writes Erin Arvedlund for

This year’s think tank and conference will feature speakers such as Melinda Einsla, research scientist at Dow Chemical and Kim Cassidy, president of Bryn Mawr College. The conference is being held on March 16 and 17 at the Franklin Institute in Center City.

This is not the elementary school’s first foray into making STEM more inviting for girls. The school’s students recently looked at using their lunch break time more efficiently by framing it as a civil engineering project.

The result of this and other projects throughout the year is that almost 40 percent of the school’s senior class has expressed interest in studying STEM at college, double the national average.

“We believe it has to do with the fact that we are a school that emphasizes girls in STEM and our head of the school has a neuroscience background,” explained Hufford.

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