Ursinus’ Tennis Coach Gets Coach of the Year Award and 100th Career Victory

Ursinus men’s and women’s head Coach Pete Smith has reached 100 career victories and been named Coach of the Year by Philadelphia Area Tennis District.

Reaching the hundred wins milestone is a major achievement for any coach, and Ursinus men’s and women’s head tennis Coach Pete Smith just joined this prestigious club, writes Hunter Gellman for The Grizzly.

“Hundred career wins is great because it brings another nice piece of recognition to the men’s tennis program,” said Smith. “It’s a nice milestone, but we are not done yet. We have a lot more to achieve this year.”

Smith, who is Ursinus alum himself, has been Bears’ head coach for the past ten years. His most fruitful year coaching the men’s team was four years ago with the 2013 season breaking the school’s previous 14-7 record.

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“100 wins is such a great milestone, and I think it is a testament to his ability as a coach to get the best out of his players,” said senior Jordan Hodess, who attributes his tennis successes to Smith’s coaching ability.

Smith’s most recent Coach of the Year award came from working with the 2016 women’s team. He was honored by the Philadelphia Area Tennis District, a section of the United Stated Tennis Association, for their outstanding performance.

Read more about the successful coach at The Grizzly by clicking here.

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