PJM Interconnection’s CEO Discusses Business Philosophy and Keeping a Competitive Edge

Andy Ott in the transmissions grid control room at PJM Interconnection (Image and caption via Philadelphia Business Journal)

The simple philosophy of providing value to its customers in a cost-efficient way has helped Andrew L. Ott, president and CEO of PJM Interconnection, to keep the Valley Forge firm at the top of its game, according to a staff report from Philadelphia Business Journal.

“I constantly look for opportunities to add and enhance value,” said Ott in an interview with Philadelphia Business Journal.

With associate degrees in mining and electrical engineering, a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Penn State, as well as a master of science in applied statistics from Villanova University, Ott became PJM’s CEO in October of 2015.

Before taking the helm, Ott had already served PJM for nearly two decades and over the years he has made many good, and the occasional bad, business decisions.

“The smartest decision I ever made was creating the competitive electricity market,” he noted. “It aligns the pricing of power with conditions on the grid.”

The worst decision was choosing the wrong vendor that negatively impacted the outcome of a project.

“It’s important to continue to grow and to enhance your skills. Always strive to be the expert in your field. I look for ways for constant self-improvement.”

Read the entire interview at Philadelphia Business Journal by clicking here.

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