Yikes! Pennsylvania Has Nation’s Second-Most Structurally Deficient Bridges

The bridge over the Perkiomen Creek leading toward Graterford Prison in Graterford. A new report from The American Road & Transportation Builders Association finds that around 20 percent of bridges in Pennsylvania are structurally deficient. Image via Pottstown Mercury)

Pennsylvania is in dire need of serious bridge repairs, according to the latest report published by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association, writes Claire Sasko for Philadelphia Magazine.

The report found that the Keystone State has 4,506 structurally deficient bridges. This represents around 20 percent of total number of bridges statewide, and puts it in second nationally behind Iowa which has 4,968.

However, despite the enormous number and high ranking, the situation is significantly better than last year, as 275 bridges that have since been repaired or reconstructed.

Currently the biggest and most worrying issue is the fact that the state’s top 15 most-travelled structurally deficient bridges are all on the I-95.

But while there are some indications that the new administration has put the projected $8 billion repairs of the I-95 among its priorities, there has been barely any progress.

Read more about the report’s findings at Philadelphia Magazine by clicking here.

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