SEPTA’s Proposed King of Prussia Rail Extension Project Takes Next Step to Becoming Reality


Being stuck in traffic on the often congested Schuylkill Expressway could become a thing of the past for many King of Prussia residents thanks to the rail extension project currently being evaluated by SEPTA, according to a staff report from Philadelphia Business Journal.

SEPTA is currently working on a draft environmental impact statement on the proposed project that would extend its rail link from Norristown to King of Prussia.

The project would cost an estimated $1 billion to $1.2 billion and add between 8 and 10 SEPTA rail stations along the length of the extension.  While the project is currently still in the planning stage, it is gaining momentum and interest, with funding for its implementation already being garnered.

The new rail would not only be a welcomed addition to frustrated commuters, but could turn out to be transformational for the entire area. According to a study of the proposed project, the rail extension could add anywhere between $540 million and $946 million to nearby real estate over the next two decades.

It could also encourage developers to construct around 8 million-square-feet of new space with a projected value of around $840 million.

Read more about the transformational project at Philadelphia Business Journal by clicking here.


Top photo credit: skabat169 Lazy Sunday via photopin (license)