Conshohocken Duo Carve Pennsylvania Farm Show Butter Sculpture

The butter sculpture crafted by Jim Victor and Marie Pelton from 1,000 pounds of Land O’ Lakes donated butter.

A masterpiece created by a duo from Conshohocken was unveiled at the 101st Pennsylvania Farm Show continuing its almost three decade tradition of starting the show with sculptures made out of local churned butter, writes Mari A. Schaefer for

Jim Victor and Marie Pelton crafted the 26th annual sculpture from 1,000 pounds of butter that was donated by Land O’ Lakes.

Victor and Pelton started working on the sculpture called “A Culture of Stewardship” last month, creating the beautifully detailed mini farm complete with a barn, hay bales, trees, and a waterfall. The sculpture is designed to pay tribute to the “history of environmental stewardship by dairy farmers.”

After the show, the butter will be recycled at a Juniata County dairy farm where the sculpture will be run through a methane digester to convert it into renewable energy for the farm.

If you are interested in seeing this dairy masterpiece, visit The Pennsylvania Farm Show which runs until January 14 at the Farm Show Complex & Expo Center at 2300 North Cameron St. in Harrisburg. But beware, as while admission is free, parking in the Farm Show lot is $15.

Read more about the sculpture at by clicking here.

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