Wynnewood’s Lankenau Medical Receives Book Donation in Honor of World Prematurity Day

Author Jenné Johns recently visited the Lankenau Medical Center to present the NICU with 30 books to gift to parents of prematurely born children.

Jenné Johns, author of Once Upon a Preemie, recently visited the Lankenau Medical Center in Wynnewood in honor of World Prematurity Day to present the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with 30 books to gift to parents of prematurely born children.

Although Johns has worked in the healthcare field for many years, her personal mission as an advocate for babies and children’s health was intensified after her life-changing experience of nurturing her son who was born prematurely at Lankenau.

“We are so honored that Jenné came back to Lankenau to donate copies of her extremely powerful book for parents of children born prematurely,” said Phil Robinson, President of Lankenau Medical Center. “Jenné is working to make a difference in the lives of so many in the Philadelphia area, and serves as an advocate for the healthcare needs of our community. For that, we are incredibly grateful.”

Once Upon a Preemie is a short and inspiring book written for parents whose children are born prematurely and require time spent in the NICU. The book is a bedside companion to support parents during their child’s fragile hospital journey. The book is spiritually-based and offers encouraging messages of hope, faith, and love.  

Click here for information about Jenné Johns and her book Once Upon a Preemie.

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