Wynnewood Home to World’s Best Bridge Player

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Often dismissed as a game just for old people, the 2016 winner of the Bridge Player of the Year Award has been achieved by Wynnewood’s Eric Greco aged just 41, writes Dan McQuade for Philadelphia Magazine.

Wynnewood's Eric Greco
Wynnewood’s Eric Greco

However, the win did not come without some controversy as the points system used to decide the winner is open to some interpretation. Greco took the time to discuss this and how feels to be the winner in a recent interview with Philadelphia Magazine.

The scoring system used to decide which player is top had some changes this year with the addition of a new rule.

“They added a rule this year where they allowed what’s called drop-ins. You could play in one event and if you lost early, you could drop in the middle of another event and start with an average number of chips,“ said Greco. Adding that he finds this is a bit ridiculous as it gives players multiple chances.

When asked about his feelings about his victory, Greco replied “It’s a great honor. There’s a number of great bridge players throughout the world that play in these national tournaments.“

Read more the entire interview at Philadelphia Magazine by clicking here.

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