Conshohocken Artists Using Butter for White House Sculpture

Sculptors Marie Pelton and Jim Victor craft a White House replica from Président Butter at JVMP Studio in Conshohocken. (Image via NBC10)

To lighten the poloitical mood this morning, this story from CBS Philly of two artists from Conshohocken who have been working on a huge White House sculpture made out of butter, writes Hadas Kuznits for CBS Philly.

Marie Pelton and Jim Victor have been commissioned by President butter to create the election-themed food sculpture for a social media campaign.

“We are doing a White House out of President butter,” explained Pelton, who is a food sculptor.

She and her partner Victor have been working in a refrigerated trailer in the driveway of their Conshohocken home for a week to create the unique sculpture.

“The thing with butter is that it’s all about temperature, and it’s actually pretty easy if you’ve got the temperature worked out,” commented Victor who said they are receiving a thousand dollars for the project.

Those worried about food waste can also rest easy, as the sculpture will be recycled after Election Day.

“Actually a thousand pounds of butter can turn into 80 gallons of bio-fuel or it also can be turned into electricity so we donate it to farmers that have digesters,” said Pelton.

Read more about the peculiar sculpture at CBS Philly by clicking here.


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