Conshy’s IKEA Conducts Survey to Tweak Products, Fulfill American Dream

Lars Petersson
IKEA U.S. President Lars Petersson.

After conducting a customer survey that included visits to consumers’ homes, IKEA is looking at ways to adjust its products to help fulfill the American Dream, writes David Brancaccio for Marketplace.

The idea behind the survey was to find out what its customers feel the American Dream is really about. The response IKEA’s Economist Intelligence Unit got was that, for most people, the American Dream is about life experience rather than just accumulating stuff.

Lars Petersson, president of IKEA U.S., explained that IKEA has taken the survey to heart. As a result, it is now looking at better ways to provide affordable furnishing solutions for families, so that they can free up more money for other things in their lives.

He also noted that the company is constantly examining ways to make its products and the overall business more sustainable. This includes using windmill technology to generate the energy that the company consumes through its operations and more, a fact he is very proud of.

Listen to the entire interview at Marketplace by clicking here.

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