Mike Piazza’s Baseball Hall of Fame Plaque Draws Fans Far and Wide

In March, Mike Piazza stood next to the spot where his Hall of Fame plaque now hangs in Cooperstown. Photo courtesy of Milo Stewart, National Baseball Hall of Fame.

The line of fans to see Phoenixville legend Mike Piazza’s Baseball Hall of Fame plaque has been so long this week that it would take nearly 90 minutes for some to see the gallery’s newest addition, writes Richard Sandomir for the New York Times.

The plaques are popular objects. They usually draw a crowd hours after each induction when they are unveiled at the gallery wall and then attract even bigger crowds on Mondays before fans leave Cooperstown.

Piazza’s plaque will leave its spot Friday for a trip to the Flushing neighborhood of Queens, where it will be part of the retirement ceremony for his No. 31 on Saturday at Citi Field.

For Joyce Eblen, who grew up in Norristown, Piazza’s birthplace, viewing the plaque was an essential part of the weekend. She and her husband, Milt, who live in Myrtle Beach, celebrated their 44th anniversary here.

But her mind was clearly on Piazza.

“Even if one of my sons was getting married, I’d be here,” she said after joining the line in the late afternoon, by which time it had shortened considerably.

Piazza represents to Eblen nothing short of the fulfillment of the American dream, she said.

“You can be the lowest draft pick possible and still make it to the Hall of Fame,” she said, referring to Piazza’s selection in the 62nd round by the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1988.

Jessica McQuillan, 17, of New Hampton, N.Y., said that growing up in a family of Mets fans had led to her Piazza devotion and the need to see his plaque. But earlier in the day, she did something more personal than get a look at his plaque; she got his autograph and posed for a picture with him.

“It made me cry,” she said. “He’s just such a nice guy.”

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