Air of Heist and Mystery Awaits Visitors of Conshohocken’s Project Escape

Escape room
A visitor on the Project Escape mission to steal the Millennium Diamond.

There is a new game in town for fans of escape rooms in Conshohocken, and this one has an air of heist and mystery with a mission for The Shrouded Hand, writes Brian Bingman for 21st Century Media.

To complete the challenge, participants need to solve a number of “meta-puzzles” that will lead them to the elegant Millennium Diamond, which they then have to steal back from the clutches of the villainous Viper. The kicker?

It needs to be done in an hour.

The experience is perfect for corporate team building, but also ideal as a fun and different activity for family and friends to enjoy on a night out. Participants will be fully briefed at 1495 Alan Wood Road in Conshohocken, close to Regal Cinemas Plymouth Meeting.

The minimum number of participants is three, and while it is possible to fit a dozen people into one group, “eight is our magic number,” noted Rick Mason, who co-founded Project Escape with his partner, Dennis Du.

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