Hatboro’s PerformTex Teams Up with Therapists to Produce Popular Athletic Kinesiology Tape


Hatboro’s PerformTex, a manufacturer and online retailer of therapeutic and athletic support products, has teamed up with sports medicine practitioners and therapists to incorporate athletic kinesiology tape into their regimens.

The taping method is not new. However, it has improved greatly since its inception in the 1970s.

PerformTex’s kinesiology tape is sold in stores nationwide, and is widely considered the best for rehabbing sports injuries. The tape’s elastic fibers create a strong, durable hold that is sweat resistant. It can assist with chronic pain, joint stability, and athletic confidence, it doesn’t restrict the range of motion.

Therefore, it can be worn while competing in athletic endeavors to prevent re-injury.

Many physical therapists utilize PerformTex’s instructional video series to know exactly how to apply the tape depending on the injury and intended results. The tape can even help open tissue to make manual manipulation easier for orthopedic physicians. From professional athletes to individuals with chronic arthritis and back pain, the PerformTex tape can be a part of everyday life for pain management and joint support.

PerformTex’s mission involves helping athletes enhance their performances while decreasing discomfort and recovery times. Its team of experts from across an array of therapeutic disciplines allows it to create new, innovative products, and help further the athletic industry.

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