Glenside’s Solar Light Company Releases New Line of Touch Screen Controllers

Solar Light Company – a leading global provider of solar simulators and radiometers – has released a new line of Touch Screen Controllers.

Glenside-based Solar Light Company – a leading global provider of solar simulators, UV transmittance analyzers, and radiometers – has released a new line of DCS-2 Touch Screen Controllers.

These controllers/meters have a new slim design and color scheme that matches the company’s new and existing simulators, one of which specifically includes the 601 v.2.5 model.

Not only do these new controllers feature a touch screen control that will save users time, but they also allow for greater visibility so that a user can read the information on the screen at an ergonomic position.

Several programs are also built into the controllers, including accelerated UV testing of materials for materials degradation studies, phototoxicity/photoallergy studies, photovoltaic testing, and general biological laboratory research.

For nearly 50 years, Solar Light Company has been providing clients all over the world with high-quality UV light sources, sensors, and OEM products.

The company has decades of experience in Engineering, Physics. and Optics with a company base of more than 45,000 customers worldwide. It also specializes in Accelerated UV testing, material spectral transmission studies, and light source spectral measurement.

Top photo credit: CFL Glow via photopin (license)

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