Thrillist: Wayne Is Philadelphia’s Coolest Suburb

Project Stream grants provide funding to individual artists and organizations offering innovative, community-based arts projects in southeastern Pennsylvania. (MONTCO.Today file photo)

The editors of Thrillist, the premier site for Millennials trying to figure out what to do with their money, chose Wayne as the coolest suburb in the Philadelphia region, writes Sandy Smith of Philadelphia Magazine.

Thrillist picked what it calls the coolest suburb in each of America’s 35 biggest metro areas.

“When we undertook this piece, we had a simple goal,” said Thrillist writer Kevin Alexander. “Tell someone moving out of a particular city the coolest potential smaller community to live in nearby.”

In doing so, Thrillist weighed three major factors:

  1. A good (or at least respectable) food/drink scene, with enough places to go close to home to not always have to trudge back into the city.
  2. Not so far away from the city that the commute is awful.
  3. A place with a history or its own unique elements that separate it from just planned suburban sprawl.

Among Wayne’s strengths that were featured in its profile were:

  • The Anthony Wayne Theater, one of three 1920s mini-movie palaces still showing films on the Main Line
  • The train ride into Center City is 28 minutes on express
  • Valley Forge Park, one of the finest memorials to the Revolutionary War
  • Margaret Kuo’s Restaurant
  • John’s Deli
  • Teresa’s Next Door bar

Click here to read more about Thrillist’s choice of Wayne as the coolest suburb.

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