Guidelines for Commenting on MONTCO Today

By sharing positive, upbeat stories that celebrate Montgomery County, MONTCO Today has always been about fostering a sense of community through stories and the written word.

In keeping with that mission, we are unveiling a comments section at the bottom of our posts that will allow readers to share their thoughts and engage in friendly, civil, community-minded discourse.

Although these guidelines are subject to change, here are some general parameters for commenting on MONTCO Today posts:

  • Comments Must Be in Response to a Story. Comments that aren’t about the topic at hand will not be posted.
  • Be Civil. ALL CAPS imply that you are yelling, which is not civil, so please don’t use them. Profanity and foul language are also unacceptable, as are the asterisks and other symbols meant to disguise them.
  • Standard Grammar Rules Apply. You don’t have to have perfect grammar to leave a comment, but do your best to spell, capitalize, and punctuate appropriately.
  • No Product Promotions. Period. The comments section is not for promoting or advertising a product or service.
  • Keep Your Politics to Yourself. Partisan politics, personal attacks, and other remarks meant to disparage will not be tolerated. Hate speech and defamatory statements are not appropriate and will not be approved.
  • Be Succint. Make an effort with your comments to express yourself and share your experiences, but keep them succinct. Provide insight and/or offer a perspective that sparks a conversation.
  • Be You. Don’t hide behind a keyboard. You shouldn’t be writing anything that you wouldn’t want your name attached to. To that end, individuals leaving a comment must register and or sign in before leaving a comment. We put our name on every story and expect you to do the same.

MONTCO Today will carefully review and occasionally moderate each comment before the comment appears on the post.

We reserve the right to edit or delete any comments we believe run contrary to our ideals and values.

If you have questions, please contact us at