Bryn Mawr Plastic Surgeon Uses Carbon Dioxide to Breathe New Life into Patients’ Faces

CO2LIFT treatment
Image via FOX 29 Philadelphia.
Dr. Jason Bloom (seated) with nurse Lily Marquez and reporter Jenn Frederick at Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery in Bryn Mawr.

Bryn Mawr plastic surgeon Jason Bloom is using CO2LIFT to help patients look better, as told to Jenn Frederick at FOX 29 Philadelphia.

CO2LIFT is a mask that revives skin tone by using carbon dioxide to increase dermal blood flow.

“The idea has been around for a while,” Bloom explained. “In the 1930s, doctors used to inject carbon dioxide into the skin,” he said. “And then blood would go to the surface of the skin to fight [it].

“And this [product] is the same idea.

“It’s called carboxy therapy.”

Bloom said carboxy therapy became popular with Hollywood celebrities as an effective time-saver. They found they could tone up quickly (45 minutes or so) and return to a set or dash off to a red-carpet appearance.

Lily Marquez — nurse at Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery — confirmed its mobility.

“You put this on people’s faces people. [And] if they don’t have time, they can leave the office with that stuff on their face,” she said, indicating that it can be taken off at home.

Bloom concluded, “You get that immediate improvement. … And it looks good for a few days to a week.”

More on CO2LIFT is at FOX 29 Philadelphia.


A before-and-after demonstration of CO2LIFT.

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