Halloween Costume Helps Philadelphia Woman Stop Her Nervous Dog from Barking Nonstop at Window

Barking Dog with Eeyore Halloween costume.
Image via TikTok.

A Philadelphia woman found a resourceful way to stop her nervous mixed-breed rescue dog, Myko, from incessantly barking at the window at home, writes Alyce Collins for Newsweek.

Myko would regularly bark at anything he saw in the reflection on the window or through the window. He has been very anxious and easily triggered by loud noises or seeing other animals like foxes outside his home.

His owners did their best to stop his barking and ensure he knew there was no need for him to be nervous. But to no avail.

So they turned to the internet for answers and found that covering a dog’s ears can sometimes feel comforting for them.

The owners found an old Eeyore Halloween costume they bought for Myko. It included adorable blue ears.

Once they were placed on the pooch’s head, he immediately became calm and quiet.

“They’re the only thing that works when he’s in a super-high state of anxious arousal,” said his owners.

Myko has now become a TikTok sensation due to his ears, with one of his videos racking up over 2.7 million views.

Read more about the “magic” method in Newsweek.


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