Montco-Accessible Dog Parks: Great for Laps with Labradors and Strolls with Staffordshires

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The Philadelphia Inquirer recommends three dog-friendly experiences in Montgomery County (and several others nearby).

The approaching holiday season can mean elevated stress in many local households. And that anxiety can extend to all inhabitants, including humans and canines. A beneficial break for both can be had using The Philadelphia Inquirer‘s list of worthy dog parks and dog-centric outdoor experiences, compiled by Cynthia Greer.

Note that while some of these sites are off-leash romps associated with a traditional dog park, others are not. Those latter destinations require dogs to be leashed and under control.

Wissahickon Valley Park, Chestnut Hill

The 1,800 acres of Wissahickon Valley Park has plenty of two- and four-lower extremity legroom for hiking, especially on Forbidden Drive Trail. The park’s more wooded areas offer a more invigorating outing, thanks to their elevations.

Elmwood Park Zoo Dog Days, Norristown

Norristown’s destination zoo allows registered dogs (info is on its website) to visit fellow members of the animal kingdom when accompanied by a handler.

Designated dog days (and times) are Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays from 12–4 PM.

Montgomery Township Bark Park, North Wales

This one-acre space devoted to man’s best friend has a wood-chip covering that’s soft on the paws. And it’s subdivided, keeping the big pals and the little pals in groups for more appropriate play.

For the human chaperons, the park has a shaded pavilion, benches, and picnic tables for anyone steely enough to eat amid all those begging eyes.

More Recommendations

The full list of recommended dog parks and canine-friendly opportunities across the region is at The Philadelphia Inquirer.


This video is a good reminder of ways to ensure a dog park visit is a positive experience for both humans and the canines they bring there.

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