More Consumers Turn to Mushrooms as a Part of Healthy Living, Nearby Chester County Farm Poised to Profit

Phillips Mushroom Farms
Image via Produce News.

Phillips Mushroom Farms in Kennett Square enjoyed a strong 2021 with heavy demand, and although growth has slowed recently due to rising grocery costs, production is still high, writes Keith Loria for Produce News. 

Growing mushrooms since 1927, Phillips Mushroom Farms has taken produce to the next level with quality, consistency, and sustainability. 

“Mushrooms are a year-round staple at this point, and consumers expect high-quality mushrooms on the shelf,” said Sean Stellar, director of business development at Phillips. “This means each crop must be managed very carefully, and quality control is extremely important at every stage of production.” 

Strong retail and restaurant sales drove up the farm’s success last year. With the reduction of red meat consumption for health and environmental reasons, consumers have turned to mushrooms as part of healthy eating. 

Moreover, mushrooms need less land and water to grow.  

Phillips recently opened a new 250,000-square-foot farm to further drive productivity. 

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Video via Business Insider of growing mushrooms in Chester County, specifically, Kennett Square.