Life Sciences Company Acquires Norristown Facility, Plans to Establish Headquarters at 10,000-Square-Foot Space

Image via Aviridi.

Life sciences company Aviridi has acquired a facility in Norristown and is planning to make the 10,000-square-foot space at 48 E. Main Street its headquarters, writes Jeff Ward for WFMZ 69 News.

Aviridi will use the building to develop products using synthetic biology and precision fermentation. The company believes it can use the process of fermentation to produce ingredients that will lower the requirement for fossil fuels in many industries, including agriculture.

“Aviridi will introduce more efficient and sustainable processes that produce higher-quality ingredients for the global supply chain,” said Aviridi co-founder James Anderson.

The company is targeting pharmaceuticals and consumer products markets.

The company uses biofermentation to produce ingredients for consumer products. The process involves large steel tanks full of molecules that are designed to act as a natural factory.

“Biofermentation creates a cleaner, more efficient and natural supply chain across pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and wide array of consumer products,” said the company.

The Norristown location in the Philadelphia-area life sciences corridor is seen by the company as a good place to grow and to create jobs. It is also in an opportunity zone, where the taxes on capital gains may be deferred or eliminated to spur development.

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