Some of the Best Pizza—Ahem, Tomato Pie—in the Entire Country is Right Here in Montco

Image via Conshohocken Italian Bakery.
Pizza or Tomato Pie? We know the answer!

Two Montgomery County bakeries have helped Pennsylvania snag one of the spots among the ten best pizza states in America, writes David Landsel for the Food & Wine. But let’s be real- tomato pie is tomato pie and pizza is pizza!

The Keystone State placed on the list that ranks states based on both the number of pizza places and the quality – and deliciousness – of this popular food.

The spots that helped Pennsylvania achieve such a high place on the list include Conshohocken Bakery in Conshohocken and Corropolese Bakery & Deli in Norristown.

tomato pie in montco pizza
Corropolese Sweet Pepper Tomato Pie.

Conshohocken Bakery has been serving delicious bread and baked goods for four decades, including its iconic Philly-style tomato pie. The pie comes as a beautiful square of bread smeared with sauce and a dusting of cheese from the shaker.

It is typically served as a snack at room temperature to get the full flavor.

Meanwhile, Corropolese Bakery & Deli has been making its famous Tomato Pie since 1924. This regional specialty is available in kits you can make right at home.

Pennsylvania scored high in the top ten rankings for pizza, earning number seven for pizza from Pittsburgh to Scranton to Philly and everyone in between. But we know Montco has some of the best pizzerias around.

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