South Philadelphia-based PrimoHoagies Plans 19 New Locations; King of Prussia Selected for Expansion

Image via PrimoHoagies.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, South Philadelphia-based PrimoHoagies has again experienced record annual sales in 2021, aiding the brand’s national expansion, writes Laura Smythe for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The company has recently announced that 19 new locations are in the works all across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, and Colorado. The franchise agreements were settled at the end of last year, meaning 61 new PrimoHoagies locations were planned for 2021.

One of the new locations is planned for King of Prussia at 105 Town Center Road.

Roughly half of the 61 locations signed in 2021 should be open by the end of 2022, reports CEO of PrimoHoagies Nicholas Papanier Jr. The rest will then open in 2023 or perhaps 2024.

Once all the stores are open, the restaurants will be operating 145 locations. The company hopes to open its 100th location this summer, right around the same time the first PrimoHoagies opened in 1992 in South Philadelphia. It will celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Over the coming years, PrimoHoagies hopes to hit the 250 to 300 store mark. They hope to expand their reach to the Carolinas and Eastern Seaboard, as well as eventually reaching into the Midwest and West Coast.

“We’re ready to step into the ring with the big boys,” said Papanier in regards to national expansion.

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