Philly Tech Trends: 5 New Zoom Features You Should Be Using

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If you have been working from home since the start of the pandemic then you probably feel like you have a pretty good handle on how Zoom works. But it is possible you fell into a comfortable routine with Zoom and didn’t notice or didn’t experiment with new features they have been introducing.

If you have not kept up with all the new capabilities Zoom has added, you are missing out on some great new functionalities. Zoom recently put out a post letting people know about all their 2021 updates, but here are some of the highlights you should definitely be using.


Captions are great for more people than just those with hearing disabilities. You don’t ever have to worry about missing out on something important due to background noise when automatic captions allow you to read every word.

Video Mail

Have you ever wanted to leave someone a voicemail with a bit more of a personal touch? Send a video voice mail so you can appear on screen in your message, useful if you want to make sure you get a chance to show someone something important.

Voice Commands

Perfect for the pandemic era, this feature allows you to go hands-free with controlling a meeting. That is great for if you want to avoid touching a shared device, or if you have your hands full with something else.

Slide Control

No more having to ask someone doing a presentation to cycle back through their slides! With this feature, you can now give control over a presentation to numerous people.


This feature is not here yet but is arriving soon in 2022. Expanding on the captions feature, soon it will include the option to automatically translate what people are saying in other languages, further enhancing your communication abilities.

The people behind Zoom have taken a lot of user feedback into consideration for how they can provide users with more tools they need. Zoom has already rolled out a ton of great new features in 2021 and already has more lined up for 2022.

For a full look at everything, Zoom has added recently, make sure you read their post about it here.


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