Proposed Buyer of Tower Health Hospitals Asks Judge to Halt the Closure Process: Just a Second, Your Honor…

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Image via Tower Health.

Canyon Atlantic Partners, the proposed buyer of Jennersville and Brandywine hospitals, has asked a judge to order Tower Health to halt the closure process that would do “irreparable harm” to both it and the broader community. Michael Rellahan filed the legal move’s implications in the Daily Local News.

Attorneys for the Texas-based purchaser requested that Judge Edward Griffith stop the closure of Brandywine Hospital planned for the end of this month. Furthermore, it sought to turn back the clock on the cancellation of the proposed sale of both healthcare providers.

Canyon Atlantic Partners claims that Tower breached the terms of its contract on how the parties might end the sale.

Meanwhile, Tower rejected the assertion and insisted that Canyon Atlantic Partners had been responsible for any financial setback it might have suffered.

“Any immediate harm … could have been avoided by filing the (injunction petition) more than a month ago,” said attorney Stacey Scrivani of Stevens & Lee, representing Tower.

Had the sale gone through, the two hospitals would have been turned over to the Texas healthcare company effective Jan. 1 for $16.5 million.

Read more about this ongoing wrangling with the proposed buyer of Jennersville and Brandywine hospitals in the Daily Local News.

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