Career Corner: Nobody Starts Out a Great Leader, But Anybody Can Become One

A woman Leading a conversation

Most people have probably experienced bad leadership at some point. But not many people set out to be bad at leading others. It is likely just a lack of experience and preparation that makes them ill-suited.

If you have just taken on a leadership role you might be nervous about what you need to know to be a good leader. Business News Daily breaks down the requirements you need into simple terms. Here are the bullet points they mention.


The foundation of healthy dialogue is open transparency between both parties, and you as a leader need to demonstrate that.


Encouraging your workers to take on new challenges helps build them up, and it will simultaneously make them more capable to take on new tasks in the company.


Your staff aren’t just your workers, they are people too. Get to know and appreciate them for who they are as individuals so they know you don’t view them as cogs in the machine.


Nobody wants to feel like they can never live up to your expectations. Even during struggles and setbacks express confidence in your staff.


The best way to make sure everyone is on the same page is to set clear goals and deadlines for how you expect tasks to be completed.


Give recognition for a job well done, but don’t be vague in criticism either. You don’t have to be mean to directly tell someone something that they can improve upon.


Life is about constantly learning new things. Someone has to be willing to teach and show what to do rather than just issue orders.


The best way to learn how your leadership style is working is to ask. Inquire with your staff if there is something you can be doing better to help them.


Being the leader does not mean you have all the answers. Be open to receiving other ideas from your team.


You need to understand why you want to be a leader. Is it just for a better paycheck, or do you feel you have qualities that make you suited to guiding others?

Improvement never stops, even for the people in charge. Always be willing to learn so you can become the leader you want to be.

For a detailed explanation of each of these qualities, be sure to read the post from Business News Daily here.



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