Montgomery County Ranks Among Top Ten Counties with Highest COVID-19 Vaccination Rate in PA

Nurse giving COVID-19 vaccine to a patient.
Image via CDC, Unsplash.

Montgomery County is among the top ten counties with the highest COVID-19 vaccination rate in Pennsylvania, according to a new report by Stacker.

To determine the counties with the highest vaccination rate, Stacker used data from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services as of September 9.

Montgomery County ranked in seventh place with 58.1 percent of the population (or 482,907 residents) fully vaccinated. This is 3.7 percent above the vaccination rate in Pennsylvania. in a recent feature, the New York Times pointed out that many of the new COVID-19 cases were among unvaccinated residents.

Among the population over 65, there are 111,783 fully vaccinated residents, or 74 percent. This is lower than Pennsylvania by 14.5 percent.

The county has recorded cumulative deaths per 100,000 people of 212 or a total of 1,761 COVID-19 related deaths since the start of the pandemic. This represents 4.5 percent fewer deaths per 100,000 residents than in Pennsylvania.

The number of confirmed cases per 100,000 residents is at 9,256, or 76,912 total cases. This is 10.8 percent fewer cases per 100,000 residents than the state.

Neighboring Delaware, Bucks, and Chester counties also made the top ten in fourth, sixth, and ninth places, respectively.

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