Methacton Grads Create Software Program That Enhances Student Safety


Three tech-savvy graduates of Methacton High School in Eagleville, Dhruv Sringari, Peter Luba, and William Gulian, are helping local schools keep students safe with SmartPass, with an innovative software program, writes Ashley Johnson for 6abc.

Smart Pass App
SmartPass app for high school students. Image via SmartPass Facebook.

The software program serves as a virtual hallway pass and helps students to avoid having to linger in the schools’ hallways.

“It really, throughout COVID, is helping schools manage their in-student movement,” said Sringari, a Penn State University junior.

The system enables teachers to know exactly where each student is at all times using the tracking system installed on their Chromebooks.

The goal is to avoid having too many children in the hallway or bathroom at the same time. The technology also helps schools manage contact tracing.

The creators have been working on SmartPass, or the virtual hallway slip, for three years. They started developing the program in high school with the help of their vice principal.

During the pandemic, the software took off with over 200,000 students and faculty throughout the country now using it.

“I think we even have one school in Canada, which is mind-blowing,” said Luba, a junior at Lehigh University.

SmartPass costs $2 per student.

Read more about SmartPass at 6abc.

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