These Two Montco Eateries Are Among Best Spots to Grab Mexican Food

Image via Coyote Crossing.
El Primo in Norristown and Coyote Crossing in Conshohocken are among the best spots in the Philadelphia region to eat Mexican food.

You can rarely go wrong with Mexican food, but there are always eateries that stand out and offer that extra zing to your taste buds.

Among such restaurants in the Philadelphia region, two are right here in Montgomery County, writes Maddy Sweitzer-Lammé for the Philadelphia Magazine.

El Primo in Norristown is mostly a Mexican market, but you can also get great food. Image via El Primo.

El Primo in Norristown is mostly a Mexican market. But behind all the aisles that offer colorful hot sauces and candies and produce and baked goods is hidden a fantastic restaurant offering a huge menu that will satisfy even the most demanding of palates.

Whether you are craving cemitas, chile poblanos, tacos, or tortas, or anything else that can come to mind, El Primo will have you covered.

Meanwhile, Coyote Crossing in Conshohocken has been serving margaritas and perfect plates of tampiqueña on its outdoor patio for the past two decades.

Now, the patio is full of heat lamps to keep patrons warm as they enjoy the restaurant’s giant mezcal list and its many delicious offerings.

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