These ZIP Codes in Montgomery County Had Biggest Increases in COVID-19 Cases Over the Last Week

Image via Megan Lavey-Heaton/, PA Dept. of Health, U.S. Census Bureau.
This map, created from data from Pennsylvania Department of Health data, highlighting Collegeville / Skippack's 19426 Zip code, shows that as of December 16th, the number of COVID-19 infected Collegeville / Skippack residents living in the 19426 Zip code grew by 20%. Click the Penn Live link in the first paragraph of the post below to understand how new COVID cases are trending in any Delaware County Zip Code.

Cases of COVID-19 continue to increase rapidly across the nation and state, with some areas of Montgomery County affected more than others, write Sean Adams and Megan Lavey-Heaton for the Penn Live Patriot-News.

The latest numbers compiled by Pennsylvania Department of Health show that the rates of COVID-19 infection in each ZIP code statewide for the seven days ending December 16 compared to the infection rates for the seven days prior.

The highest percentage increase in Montgomery County over that period was recorded in ZIP code 19428 (Conshohocken/Villanova/Plymouth Meeting.) Here the number of confirmed cases grew from 410 to 501, or 22 percent.

ZIP Code 19426 (Collegeville/Skippack) saw an increase of 20 percent. This meant that the number of confirmed cases rose from 1,047 to 1,253.

Meanwhile, ZIP code 19406 (King of Prussia) recorded a rise in reports of the pandemic of 16 percent, with cases increasing from 626 to 725.

Finally, in ZIP code 19462 (Plymouth Meeting/Blue Bell) the number of cases went up from 480 to 553, or 15 percent.

Read more about the ZIP codes with the biggest increases in COVID-19 cases at the Penn Live Patriot-News by clicking here.

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