Some of Best Chicken Parm in Philadelphia Region is Close to Home

Image via Philadelphia Magazine/Photo by Michael Persico.
Via Roma in Norristown and Cotoletta in Bala Cynwyd have made the list of eateries in the Philadelphia region that offer the best chicken parm.

Chicken parm is a favorite for many people, but finding one that has the perfect amounts crispy while still being delicious, succulent, and juicy can sometimes be a challenge, write Maddy Sweitzer-Lammé and Alexandra Jones for the Philadelphia Magazine.

Luckily for Montco aficionados of this Italian delicacy, there are several places not far from home that offer some of the best chicken parm in the entire Philadelphia region.

These can be both served over spaghetti or alternatively in a deliciously fresh and crusty hoagie roll.

Via Roma in Norristown is an unassuming sports bar and an Italian kitchen hybrid that offers a mouthwatering chicken parm. This is available in a sandwich form and then served over pasta.

Meanwhile, Cotoletta in Bala Cynwyd has its own fantastic homemade chicken parm. It is in fact so good that it managed to net the eatery the prestigious title of the Best of Philly for last year.

Read more about the best places to get great chicken parm at the Philadelphia Magazine by clicking here.

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