Artist Started College Career at Arcadia University Uses Art to Comment on Human Condition

Bailey Dickerson

Emma Cotter, a 20-year-old artist who started her college career at Arcadia University, focuses on creating art that is accessible to everyone, writes Victoria Ford for The Sand Paper.

In her art, she combines text and images to comment on the human condition. Her works include collages, drawings, and painting. She uses each medium to tell the story of not only who she is as an individual, but also who she is relative to the world.

Lately her works have been gaining recognition and visibility along with demand as she continues to promote her reputation as an artistic rule breaker on social media.

Her process is doing things “however you’re not supposed to do it,” she said.

She is drawn to education because she loves sharing knowledge. She already has some practice, as she led the “Kids on Canvas” summer program through Stafford Recreation for the past five years. Cotter also used to holding painting parties, but she had to put that on hold due to the pandemic.

Currently, she is busy drawing freehand in journals and using an app called AutoDesk Sketchbook.

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