Find Out Who Amassed More Presidential Campaign Donors in Last Three Months in Your Zip Code

Ken Knickerbocker
Joe Biden has raised $1.6 million from donors in Philadelphia and the four surrounding Pennsylvania counties, while Trump raised just $183,738 in the same area.

In the money race between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. for the second quarter of this year, Montgomery County residents have overwhelmingly thrown their financial support behind the Democratic hopeful, write Rachel Shorey, K.K. Rebecca Lai, and Thomas Kaplan for The New York Times.

Overall in Pennsylvania, Biden had 66,000 estimated donors between April through June, compared to 45,000 donors who contributed to the Trump campaign.

Biden attracted significantly more donors in Philadelphia and its suburbs, while Trump had the edge in many less populous areas statewide.

In Montgomery County, Biden was more successful in nearly every ZIP Code in the last quarter. The widest margin was in Zip Code 19096 in Wynnewood, where Biden recorded 422 donors compared to Trump’s 42.

See how the rest of Montgomery County voted with their wallets in the last three months:

19403   Norristown       Trump 196        Biden 354
19446   Lansdale           Trump 237        Biden 435
19002   Ambler             Trump 141        Biden 375
19422   Blue Bell           Trump 96          Biden 247
19010   Bryn Mawr        Trump 83          Biden 393
19066   Merion Station Trump 22          Biden 181
19038   Glenside           Trump 91          Biden 469
19027   Elkins Park        Trump 29          Biden 366
19444   Lafayette Hill     Trump 30          Biden 193

Read more about the money race at The New York Times by clicking here.

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