Work-From-Home Is Here to Stay, Will Reduce Driving in Country Drastically

Work from home and online shopping are here to stay, found a new study, and will cut driving in the country by hundreds of billion miles a year.

Work from home and online shopping are here to stay, found new KPMG International study, and will cut driving in the country up to 270 billion miles a year, writes Keith Naughton for Bloomberg.

According to the study, the coronavirus pandemic has ushered in a new cocoon culture that is not likely to revert to pre-pandemic levels even if vaccine is made widely available. This may have devastating consequences for the auto industry and will remove 14 million cars from the nation’s roads, forecasts the study.

“People buy a car to get to and from work and because shopping is a very important part of their lives,” said Gary Silberg, head of KPMG’s global automotive practice. “If two of the primary missions that the American public buys a car for are going to reduce in demand, we know that’s going to have an adverse impact on auto sales.”

The change in driving habits could result in nearly 1 million fewer new vehicles being sold each year, he added.

On the upside, the market for delivery vehicles is booming, with some automakers already capitalizing on the shift.

Read more about work from home at Bloomberg by clicking here.

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