MontCo Anti-Hunger Network Looking for Donations as Number of People Requiring Assistance Due to COVID-19 Crisis Keeps Growing

MontCo Anti-Hunger Network is looking for donations as the number of people requiring assistance due to the coronavirus crisis keeps growing.

MontCo Anti-Hunger Network and VFTCB’s Freedom From Hunger initiative is looking for donations as the number of people needing assistance due to the coronavirus crisis keeps growing.

Food pantry services have been identified by the Montgomery County Commissioners as essential and as such, they are continuing to operate and provide food to those who need it the most.

Many pantries have seen a substantial influx of people who need food since many businesses have either scaled back their operations or closed for the time being.

“People without the financial cushion needed to weather a layoff, kids missing out on school meal programs, seniors without means who are also the most vulnerable to the virus,” said Paula Schafer, MAHN Administrators, “these folks are in serious need of community support.”

MAHN is a nonprofit organization that provides resources to 39 food pantries in Montgomery County that help feed over 15,000 households throughout the area.

Together, MAHN and and the Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board are working with the county Department of Health & Human Services and RSVP, among many other organizations, to address hunger issues related to COVID 19 crisis.

Those interested in volunteering to support the network of local food pantries should contact RSVP of Montgomery County.


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Top photo credit: Salvation Army Collection of canned food items via photopin (license)

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