West Chester-Based ‘StreamGeek’ Pens Book That Explores Educational Value of Esports

Paul Richards

Esports have evolved from teenage pastime into an international movement in which its participants have the potential to reap financial windfalls.

The tremendous growth of esports has been fueled by the Internet, live streaming, and global economic demand, and right now, there is a need for strong educational support systems that ensure the healthy development of our youth.

As such, Paul Richards, the Chief Streaming Officer for StreamGeeks, a West Chester-based group of video production experts dedicated to helping businesses discover the power of live streaming, has published Esports in Education: Exploring Educational Value in Esports Clubs, Tournaments, and Live Video Productions. In the book, Richards reveals the technology-related career paths that students and educators are finding in the growing esports industry. He explains how esports games like Fortnite and League of Legends require players to manage multiple economies, respond with split-second reaction times, and communicate with groups of players.

Just like rock ’n roll in the 1970s, the esports movement may come as a shock to some parents and educators. Using music and culture as examples to explain the explosive popularity of esports in society, parents and educators are invited to look at games, sports, and human history in a new light.

“I would like readers to get excited about the positive impact esports will have on education,” said Richards. “That is why I wrote the book. The education system has an opportunity to foster an exciting and innovative movement for the betterment of student development. Esports is a movement that allows students to develop real-world skills, communications, and athletic performance. Therefore, this is an amazing opportunity for schools to foster student learning in new and amazing ways.”

We now live a world where anyone with a high-speed Internet connection has an honest chance to compete in esports on the world stage. That fact has yielded an opportunity to create an inclusive and productive culture that can embolden today’s youth to take on the challenges our world will face in the decades to come.

Although his book serves as a wonderful guide for students and parents, Richards hopes it will find an audience of educators.

“Many college athletics departments are being tasked with starting a varsity esports program,” said Richards. “This is happening at Immaculata University right now, but at so many other schools as well.

“Usually, in education, it starts with a school club. As each incoming class brings waves of young students interested in joining the esports club, the school sees that the varsity-level program would help it attract more students. That’s why educators at the high school and college levels are the main audiences for my book.”

Hard copies of Esports in Education: Exploring Educational Value in Esports Clubs, Tournaments, and Live Video Productions are available for purchase at Amazon by clicking here.

Click here to download a PDF version of the book for free.

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