Yahoo Finance: Older Millennials Are Leaving Cities, Flocking to King of Prussia

Older millennials are leaving the city behind and moving to King of Prussia and other suburban centers to take advantage of the urban perks. (Image Via Montgomery County Planning Commission)

Older millennials are leaving the metropolis behind to move to King of Prussia and other suburban centers to take advantage of urban perks often lacking in bigger cities, writes Melody Hahm for Yahoo Finance.

New Zillow research shows that nearly fifty percent of millennials now live in the suburbs. According to Annie Radecki, senior manager at John Burns Real Estate Consulting, this is prompting builders to focus on creating so-called “surban” environments. These developments put urban-like centers in the suburbs, like the Village at Valley Forge in King of Prussia.

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“Before its redevelopment from a failed golf course into a so-called ‘surban’ center, King of Prussia was best known for its regional mall, bad traffic, and empty, dated office buildings,” said Radecki.

Now she added, the suburban Village at Valley Forge offers local residents a full calendar of community events, along with convenient shopping, healthy fast casual restaurants, bike trails, and the new Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania.

Radecki feels that with the growing combination of urban amenities and affordable housing, there will be a growing number of young professionals and their families opting for the suburbs in the future.

Read more about the millennial migration at Yahoo Finance by clicking here.

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