WWII Veteran from Lansdale Receives Villanova Degree after 24 Years of Classes

Irwin Medway, a WWII veteran who was awarded a Purple Heart, will receive his diploma from Villanova University after 24 years of classes. (Image via Philly Voice)

After nearly a quarter of a century of diligently attending classes, Irwin Medway, a 93-year-old WWII veteran and Purple Heart recipient from Lansdale, will receive an honorary degree from Villanova University, writes John Kopp for Philly Voice.

Medway started taking classes at Villanova in 1993 by going to at least one class every semester. Over the years, Medway has taken full advantage of this opportunity by taking a myriad of classes mostly related to history, theater, and communications. As a result he has been taught by 43 professors, sometimes more than once.

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Medway, who has three children with Corrine, his wife of 72 years, has been taking the classes as part of Villanova’s Senior Citizen Personal Enrichment Program. The program allows seniors to take courses not for credit, but for personal enrichment.

“Irwin has what I hope I have when I’m 93, an insatiable curiosity about the world,” said humanities professor, Timothy J. Horner.

Now, as part of its 175th anniversary, Villanova will present Medway with an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree during the commencement ceremony. However, this will not slow Medway down, as he plans to continue enriching his life with new knowledge over the years to come.

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