Norristown Native, Baseball Hall of Famer Mike Piazza Takes a Shot at Soccer Team Ownership

mike piazza
After a successful baseball career, Mike Piazza decided to try his hand at soccer ownership with third-division Italian soccer club, Reggiana. (Image via New York Times)

Norristown native and Baseball Hall of Fame inductee Mike Piazza, who spent most of his childhood in Phoenixville, has decided to heed the call of his Italian heritage and try his hand at soccer team ownership, writes Andrew Keh for The New York Times.

Piazza, who retired from baseball a decade ago as one of the best-hitting catchers in history, is now the majority owner of Reggiana, a third-division soccer club in Italy.

However, Piazza will have to build his name strictly on his soccer successes in Reggio Emilia, a beautiful city 100 miles south of Milan, as Italians are soccer-crazy.

It is that fanaticism Piazza is counting on to spur his team to the top Italian division where it played in the 90s.

The decision to buy the team was encouraged by the team’s current general manager and Piazza’s longtime friend, Maurizio Franzone.

He had previously discussed the option of investing in soccer with Piazza on numerous occasions, and when opportunity presented itself, he contacted the team’s owners.

Piazza, who only had passing interest in soccer before he retired, is now a passionate fan who enthusiastically spurs his team on from the bleachers.

Read more about Piazza’s latest endeavor at The New York Times by clicking here.

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