Harleysville Company Keeping Rust Away During Shipping Process


6c0d01fedf9cb2d1ec3d0add106626fc_greenpackaginglogoHarleysville’s Green Packaging is trying to ease the minds of those whose livelihood hinges on the successful shipping of metal parts without them getting affected by rust.

The company, which has been providing eco-friendly, anti-corrosion VCI packaging solutions for over a decade, is offering a comprehensive solution to rust, one of the biggest issues for foundry workers. Green Packaging is selling packaging products that can fit virtually any size of metal piece to protect it during the entire shipping process.

Vapor corrosion inhibitors from Green Packaging, which is a technology that dates back to the World War II, are produced responsibly and are environmentally conscious.

The company also offers a 30-minute custom quote assessment for interested foundry staff, which allows decision-makers to see how an upgrade to their packaging will affect their bottom line.

Every business is given a unique VCI-ID when they place an order, which simplifies the reorder process. The company can also help monitor inventory levels to alert foundry staff when they are running low.

The process of requesting a quote is as simple as indicating products of interest and filling out a contact form.


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